Exhibition of painting "Midnight to Noon" in The Blyth Gallery - Manchester, Great Britan


Midnight to Noon - an exhibition of recent paintings by artists Agnieszka Kozien & Svetlana Filippova

This exhibition highlights the diverse use of colour adopted by Polish artist, Agnieszka Kozien and Russian artist, Svetlana Filippova. By juxtaposing their idiosyncratic and highly individual approaches their own pre-occupations are enhanced.

Kozien uses dynamic blocks of primary colours, boldly creating a vivid dialogue on the canvas. Filippova emphases the surface arena of the canvas, building texture with mixed media executed in cool shades of white, cream and silver played against each other to create depth, with a subtle, occasional use of rich brown or red, achieving a sophisticated ambience.

Kozien works in her native Poland where she was born in 1968 and studied at the Academy of Fine Arts, Cracow. Now this award winning artist has produced Rajasthan a series of paintings inspired by cities of that fascinating State in the North West of India. Here, buildings which resonate with colour during the heat of the day shimmer at sunset. The uplifting exhilaration of Kozien’s paintings contrasts forcibly with the tranquil and meditative mood of the works of Filippova.

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